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  1. Hello. I myself have been struggling with OCD for most of my life. Dealing with OCD for me has been a very lonely,and long experience, and really bad experience in points in my life.I am dealing with OCD right now, and for personal reasons, I know that my level of anxiety could really increase to serious levels.

    However, although I am struggling with OCD, I have come a long way from where I was, but I know that I probably would still have to go a long way.

    Having OCD, it feels like nobody understands what it is really like, sometimes not even your therapists sometimes.

    I have created a blog, that is called ocdtalk.com. I have created this blog in order to connect with people with OCD, because I know that holding everything inside is going to destroy me, and I know that for personal reasons.There are many things that I have learned through my experience through OCD, and there are things that I still will be learning.

    My idea was to create a blog to share past experiences and current experiences in my OCD life. I also wanted to create an online community, where different people publish their different stories with OCD. It sucks to feel lonely, and it is sometimes hard to emphasize with somebody else’s OCD symptoms,because although there are common OCD symptoms that people feel, there are some that are not. Everybody has their own symptoms. I have felt that it would be great if I could create an online community where we can emphasize and give support to people with different types of OCD

    I would really love it if I could write an article for your blog,/write a guest post for your blog, and maybe have a mini bio that includes a link to my site in the guest post on your blog. I am not really having any success for people coming on my site, so I thought that this would be a good way to have more traffic on my blog.

    What would also be really awesome if you could maybe write a guest blog for my blog,and then I would have it published in my shared stories. It would also include a link to your site.

    It would really mean a lot to me if you could help me develop an online community of people who have OCD. Keep up the awesome work with your blog:)

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