Why hypnotherapy for OCD is a waste of money and effort

Despite being hugely skeptical and dismissive of this type of thing, I tried it before I got proper professional treatment.
Obviously, as with most of this mumbo jumbo, it doesn’t work; but hey I was desperate.
Don’t waste your money. The best they might be able to do would be to teach you some of the thought processes that CBT do … but in a less professional manner.
The way the hypnotherapist ‘tried’ to rid the OCD was to get me ‘in the zone’ then talk about the bad things that have happened in my life, put them in a thought bubble and let them drift away … er, yeah that’ll work!
The process she advised for when anxiety came would be to take that intrusive thought and put that into the bubble to float away instead.
This is COMPLETELY the opposite the professional CBT I have had since that makes you live with the thoughts and by doing so reduce the anxieties felt over time.

Effectively this could have an ADVERSE effect on your condition!


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