Don’t think about it, do it

I was asked to take part in the 2nd OCD Blog-Hop project with other bloggers who also aim to raise awareness of the realities of life with OCD.

The topic we were given was ‘favourite quotes’.  Here is my contribution.

The quote that first sprang to mind was actually a song lyric.

Do it! is a song I know from 1987 and The Rollins Band, although the original recording was from 70s English Psychedelic band Pink Fairies.

“Don’t think about it, do it

Don’t talk about it, do it
Do it, do it

Don’t lie about it, do it
Do it, do it”

Says a fair bit to me about tackling the issues of OCD rather than skirting around them.

“Don’t think about it, do it”… The information and help is out there.  Don’t think about going to your GP, do it tomorrow and DEMAND treatment.  Each week spent thinking about seeking help is a week you’re not getting better.


“Don’t talk about it, do it”… You don’t get an infinite amount of CBT sessions in a course.  Don’t waste them talking for hour after hour about what may or may not have happened in your week or the causes of your illness.

Tackle the issues head on while you have the chance and expertise at hand.


“Don’t lie about it, do it”… We get good at this!

Was that a check back there?… No…LIE!

Do you really need to go back to that shop?… Yes…LIE!

Did you wash your hands in there?… No…LIE!

Have you done all the tasks I set you this week?… YES…LIE!

You get the picture.  Every little lie to ourselves and others feeds the OCD beast in us.  Tackle it with honesty; you’re only cheating yourself out of a better future.


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