OCD is NOT a prison sentence – BREAK FREE!

OCD, you’ve been living hell to me
You’ve screwed with me since i was 33
You’ve made me scream and shout and you’ve made me cry
And long ago i stopped asking WHY?

OCD, I hate every inch of you!
You’ve cut me and scarred me through and through
But i’ll walk out a wiser stronger man
It’s just a shame the world can’t understand

OCD, I won’t buckle under you
Do you think i’ll be different when you’re through?
You bent my heart and mind, but won’t break my soul
And your cruel tricks turn my blood a little cold

OCD, may you rot and burn in hell!
May i break free and may i live to tell
May all the world realise you are so mean
And like all sufferers, regret you’ve ever been



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